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The Women's Private Equity Summit   November 2-3, 2017 - Midtown Manhattan, New York City
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From the Producers of
The Women's Private Equity Summit
Falk Marques

We asked past Summit attendees for feedback and they were more than happy to provide it! Close to 98% of survey respondents said the Summit either met or exceeded their expectations. Following are some of their candid observations and enthusiastic endorsements of the Women's Private Equity and Alternative Investment Summits.

"It was only the best conference I ever attended, bar none."

"You did an amazing job of getting many of the most senior women in private equity as well as a lot of energetic younger women. Nice cross section of LPs, GPs and service providers."

"I was extremely impressed by the caliber of the presentations…the topics, the content, the questions from the audience, how senior the attendees were, and the level of engagement and interest all participants brought to the event…I am already looking forward to the next one and will ink it into my calendar as soon as it is announced."

"Speakers and attendees were honest and open about everything from their own challenges to how to navigate their processes for those wishing to get their foot in the door with their company/peer group.This is the only event where I have felt a true kindred spirit amongst everyone in the crowd. This is truly THE event of the year not to miss."

"Great networking: the attendee list was fantastic. Plus, the organization of the event allowed for plenty of opportunities to network."

"High quality content focused on real, relevant issues facing the PE asset class; High caliber of attendees and networking opportunities."

"…there were a number of highly distinguished speakers and [the] attendees included a number of women who are very recognizable in the industry."

"The Women's Private Equity Summit was a fantastic event on all fronts. It not only provided insightful knowledge from the best minds in the industry, but it also allowed women to have a unique opportunity to openly operate in a non-threatening environment. I left the event very energized about my fellow female colleagues in the industry and hungry for more opportunities to connect with one another."

"The networking was amazing. The content was excellent."

"I was beyond impressed and honored to be surrounded by so many talented, smart and dynamic women all in one place."

"It was fantastic to have only women—a completely different atmosphere."

"The Women's Private Equity Summit is a great place to exchange information and ideas and also a wonderful celebration of how far we have come in this industry, if we had tried this 20 years ago it would have been three or four of us getting together for coffee not the hundreds that we have today."

"I think that the format and content were wonderful, I wouldn't change a thing."

"Everyone was at eye level (this sounds funny but it actually made a huge difference and made the networking much more fun and productive). NO GOLF, thank you. The panels were great. Format was good. The fact that everyone, for the most part, was quite senior (partner level) made it very valuable."